Lockrobots go beyond the building block, with their "Ready for Action" appearance they can represent.team players, heroes, or anything that can be imagined. Allowing your child hours of imaginary play with just a few Lockrobots.

10 pieces                                              10 pieces


---------Due to their unique design and interconnecting features, Lockrobots are multi-functional, with simple and complex aspects. Making them fun and educational for boys and girls of all ages!


Simple uses, like: stacking, counting, sorting, and puzzle fitting. They even float in the bath tub.

------------------------30 pieces

 For more of a challenge, your child can design puzzle creations and build amazing 3-D structures. The possibilities are endless!


The Lockrobot builder can be inspired in a world of imaginative play, offering hours of creative fun alone or with family and friends!


Parents and Teachers love the safe and educational aspects of Lockrobots. They are not a choking hazard. They have rounded edges and corners and have no breakable parts.               Lockrobots are proudly made in America, using non-toxic materials.


 Lockrobots fill classrooms with educational creativity, exercising the mind in ways that engage learning and develop problem solving skills.


 A Lockrobotic engineering contest featured some new creations at Wilson Middle School in Moline, Illinois.


We know you and yours will have many hours and years of enjoyment with Lockrobots, using your imagination and "Connecting with Creativity" !TM

Thank You for your support !